Relaxed Beachside Wedding at Rye Harbor Beach, NH

Smaller, more intimate weddings have been slowly becoming my new favorite and Katie & Dickie's Rye Harbor Beach wedding was no exception. I arrived to their beach house which was still being updated out front and despite the craziness of beach life out on the streets, I was welcomed into one of the most peaceful and calming atmospheres I have ever been in. After getting ready in their home, we ventured just down the road to Rye Harbor Beach for their heartfelt ceremony - complete with a airplane flyby that the couple ar[...]

Outdoor Rainy Day Elopement in Marlborough, NH

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Since we've been having all this rain lately, I thought I'd tell you all about the day I photographed a unicorn's wedding outside in the rain. Yes, you read that correctly - you're about to see a unicorn get married in the rain. Elizabeth reached out to me in September telling me this wonderful tale about how she and Clayton were planning to elope in just over a month in the woods. The email was basically asking me to pick a date for photos and they'd either get married that day based on my availability or we would do a port[...]

Romantic Intimate Estate Wedding Styled Shoot

You know how sometimes you've been dreaming of something for so long and then it happens and you're almost in tears watching it come together at long last? No? Maybe? Okay, well, that's how this Romantic Intimate Estate Wedding Styled Shoot was for me. A couple times a year I run LOFT Retreats, getaways of either working or workshopping in nature for creatives and creative business owners from all over. This March, we had our 2017 workshop retreat in the Berkshires of Massachusetts in a beautifully renovated home that was pa[...]