Waterfall Elopement in Jackson, NH

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97 degree weather in late May in the mountains of New Hampshire is absolutely nuts, but it is infinitely better than typical May weather up here – and despite the heat, it was the perfect day for Scott & Teri to elope at Jackson Falls in Jackson, New Hampshire!

What started out as plans for a nice, romantic getaway weekend turned into a “honey, why don’t we just get married now?” And within a matter of weeks, these two planned the sweetest elopement with their ceremony right on the waterfall!

hilarycolleenphoto_0594 hilarycolleenphoto_0595
Any time I can get in the water near some mountains is a happy time, and these two were bursting with so much joy!

hilarycolleenphoto_0596 hilarycolleenphoto_0597
I was amazed with how beautifully, perfectly green everything was… And I mean, come on, the looks they’re giving each other?!

hilarycolleenphoto_0598 hilarycolleenphoto_0599 hilarycolleenphoto_0600
No wedding in Jackson would be complete without a stop at the Jackson Bridge!

hilarycolleenphoto_0601 hilarycolleenphoto_0602
Props to the limo driver (yep – Scott even rented a limo for the occasion) for bringing us by this gorgeous barn surrounded by beautiful flowers – perfect for some snuggling and dancing!

hilarycolleenphoto_0603 hilarycolleenphoto_0604 hilarycolleenphoto_0605
Scott & Teri – YOU DID IT! Congratulations on such a sweet, beautiful elopement full of so much love and laughter! It was a joy being with you both for those few short hours and sharing in something so special before the rest of the world knew! You are both such caring, giving people and I know that will be such a blessing for you as husband and wife!!! ❤️


  • shayna

    awesome photographs!

  • Abigail

    These are so sweet! Love elopement shoots.

  • Amy

    Having an elopement was always on our minds as we planned our wedding. Theirs turned out gorgeous and makes me wish we had gone that route!!

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