about me

Your wedding photographer will be with you more than any other vendors for your celebration, so it’s pretty important to feel comfortable with the person you decide to bring into your world. I was a professional planner before I became a wedding photographer, and after over ten years of documenting love stories, knowing who is behind the camera with the sarcasm and reassurance you need is the first step to finding the right fit for you.

Lover of God. Lover of Love. Lover of Life.

  • Throw-your-head-back laughter and genuine connections are higher on my priority list than keeping up perfect appearances.
  • I will sing along with almost every song on the radio, I dance everywhere I go including the grocery store, and I love to play my banjo for my two cats to enjoy.
  • I honestly believe the world would be a much better place if we all got five hugs every single day and that everyone should make crazy faces at least half as often as I do.

Wannabe Hiker. Avid Eater. Professional Roadtripper.

  • If there is a boat, mountain, bonfire, body of water, wood-fired pizza or food trucks involved, the answer is when do we leave?!
  • Born in the south & raised in the north, I run on Irish tea, cheerwine, tacos and thai food, and while I love to cook, I hate doing dishes.
  • My happy place is roadtripping down to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with my two adventure cats, Felix and Oswald.

Scifi Nerd. Rookie Gamer. Antique Hunter.

  • My cars always have names like a Forester named Falkor and a CX5 named Artax (#neverendingstory), I’ve got a sonic screwdriver and a necklace written in Galifreyan
  • Relaxation and stress relief for me include playing some serious Battlefield One rounds online or perusing my favorite antiquing grounds to bring home some “new” treasures.
  • Every day is full of inconceivable moments for me to sneak quotes from The Princess Bride, A Knight’s Tale or Fern Gully into regular conversation (see what I did there?).

I believe that we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart.
–Grey’s Anatomy

what it's like working with Hilary

Ladies and gents, stop your photographer search here! From the start of our experience with Hilary, she was so much fun and put my husband at ease during our engagement shoot. Neither of us felt very comfortable showing affection in front of a camera, but at the end of the shoot we were giggling and kissing like it was totally natural for us! During the wedding she was an absolute lifesaver and kept me from having a stress-induced meltdown. She was so much fun at the wedding that she truly felt like one of our guests - and we were so sad when she had to leave at the end of the night!!
Liz + Trevor
wedding at dexter's inn
She made EVERYONE feel so comfortable and happy. (My bridesmaids have all been married or in weddings and they all said Hilary was the best photographer they have worked with- seriously!). I felt at ease being around her and her team on my wedding day because there was no tension and all positive vibes from them. Not only is her work SO BEAUTIFUL but she is just the sweetest person who will make your wedding day even better than you expected. Thank you for capturing the most special day of my life, Hilary!!!!
Kristen + Tony
wedding at the publick house historic inn
As explorers, we sought out someone adventurous and easy-going. Her sense of humor and appreciation for all things quirky and nerdy made *everyone* feel comfortable while flooded with emotions. I'm usually extremely self-conscious, but Hilary and her team made me feel so at ease and comfortable in my own skin....and a corset. Collected, organized, imaginative, thoughtful, resourceful, experienced, ingenious, punctual, and certainly flexible.
Marcy May + Jason
wedding at wildcat mountain