Flint & Steel Mentorship Gift Certificate


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Looking for a way to support a small business this year? The 3-month Flint & Steel Mentorship program is where it’s at for creative business owners.

“This three-month mentorship is meant to dive deep into your business, taking from what I’ve learned to bring your business goals to reality.

Flint & Steel Mentorships might be for you if:

  • You are just starting your business OR are finding yourself stuck in a few larger areas of your business
  • You are seeking ongoing support and answers to multiple questions
  • You want to set clear attainable goals for your business, be given actionable steps towards them and have accountability to press forward

Before committing to three months of mentoring, you’ll receive a questionnaire designed to help make sure this is the best partnership for your needs. This step happens before you invest a dime because I believe in pointing everyone in the best direction for their goals and dreams, and whether that direction is through my mentorship or with someone else, I want to set you up for success.

We will meet once a week or twice a month (whatever fits best for your schedule) and work together through the trenches of your business – the areas that are causing you trouble, the areas you feel lost in, the areas you are excelling in and coming up with an actionable plan for how to push forward towards the goals and dreams you have.

Our first session will be a goal setting meeting, starting with a portfolio and/or website review to get an understanding of where you’re currently at and to define more clearly where it is you want to go. This is when we work to create the roadmap for our journey together for the next three months as well as what happens after the mentorship is complete.

Each meeting after we will progress through our roadmap, feeding your questions with the knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences over the years to craft the best solutions for your business possible. By month 3, we will be putting everything together and into action to see how the improvements we made previously have laid the foundation for the final pieces to come together. We will also take some time to come up with some goals for the next 6 months post-mentorship so that your momentum keeps going.

Accountability is your best friend, so after your three month mentorship is complete, we’ll have a chat one month out and again six months out to see how you’ve been doing on roadmap 2.0 for your business.

You’ll also be given templates and guides that I use in my own business to help you along the way. You can expect email templates, bio page guides, client questionnaire templates and copies of my own workflows, just to name a few.”