Spark Session Gift Certificate


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Give the gift of #Goals this holiday season. Spark Sessions are designed for the business owner who:

  • Already has an established business
  • Has specific questions and just needs answers that can be covered in a couple hours time
  • Know where they’re stuck or struggling and wants to focus on those topics
  • Needs help finding some direction for their goals or what’s next

Consider these to be “power hours” – we’ll get together for two hours and I’ll answer anything and everything thrown at me!

“We could sit down and devour your website to ensure that not only is it beautiful and easy to navigate, but that it’s speaking clearly to your dream clients.

We could (try not to) lose track of time breaking down and building up your workflow to give you a more efficient way of running your business as well as looking to things that are okay to automate for a better experience for you AND your clients.

We could spend our time combing through all your tax, accounting and legal documents to ensure that you’ve thought of everything to prepare and protect your business for the best financial future.

The options are pretty limitless – so long as it can fit in a couple hours.”