Lakeside Spring Elopement at Mill Falls at the Lake in Meredith, NH

Sometimes we lose sight of what we truly want amidst all the things life places in our way.
The allure of “more” often has a stronger pull than the allure of authenticity.

But when we strip away all that glitters,
we often find that there was more gold
buried beneath it all than we ever thought imaginable…

we just need to focus more on what really matters.

immerse yourself in the moment – “The Girl” by City and Colour

Alie & Kyle are the kind of couple whose hearts are set on living and loving as their best authentic selves. When we met up at one of my favorite local cafes just a few months before their wedding they told me all about how they were high school sweethearts and their favorite hobbies to do together – like deep sea fishing, mudding and spending time outside. The most important thing to both of them when planning their wedding day was something small, intimate, meaningful and focused on their loved ones.

So, on a mostly-melted and beautifully sunny Spring day, Alie & Kyle met up with less than 10 of their dearest loved ones for their wedding at Mill Falls at The Lake in Meredith, New Hampshire. While the world outside held so many uncertainties, anxieties and insecurities, this space was full of a sense of belonging – of peace, joy and love.

After walking into their short ceremony together, Alie & Kyle shared a toast with their family and friends before heading outside to take in the views of Lake Winnipesaukee as husband & wife. Then, both spontaneously and partially prepared, they each shared an emotional dance with their parents without a dry eye in the room.

This is how your wedding day should feel:

that feeling of excitement for finally coming home
to the place where you were always meant to be.