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Hilary Colleen

Timeless Mountaintop Wedding at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH

Unknown Mountain people are my people. Whether you grew up vacationing in the mountains, have some of your favorite memories amidst the mountains, currently wake up daily amongst the mountains, or if your dream is to build your home in the mountains, we will be fast friends. Something in the air in the mountains fuels a free kind of love... the kind of love that goes with the flow,breathes in the little moments,and soars towards new adventures,embracing the highs and the lows.[...]

Romantic Countryside Wedding at Dell-Lea in Chichester, NH

Thinking back to this beautiful day just brings all kinds of joy on so many levels. Matt & Erin have one of those connections that you feel the moment you meet them, and after their epic Retro Diner Engagement Session, I was so looking forward to being with them again for their countryside wedding at Dell-Lea in Chichester, NH. Music makes all things better - "Unconditionally" Katy Perry[...]

In-Home Cookie Baking Engagement Session in Boston, MA

I'm a firm believer that having your picture taken should be fun - especially when you are with the person you've chosen to spend your life with. Find a place that is special to you, an activity that you enjoy together or something you've always wanted to do and let's make a date night together to go do that - and then I just get to come along for the ride. Jess & Paul had a few ideas floating around for their engagement session and for some reason things just never worked out, until a genius idea came as they were[...]

Joyful Jewish Wedding at the Mansion On Turner Hill in Ipswich, MA

This gorgeous Jewish wedding was a turning point in my life - and I don't say that lightly. I debated even writing this post at all since it's been years since this wedding and this couple had such an impact on me in some of my darkest hours... But how can I not share something that made a difference in how I view love? Have a little listen while you look - "Afterglow" by Jordan Critz featuring Matt Wertz Lauren had seen the wedding photos I[...]

Day After Jet Ski Session at Camp Cody in Freedom, NH

When you love lake life in New Hampshire, you get married at a place like Camp Cody in Freedom, New Hampshire. But when you really love lake life, you wake up early the morning after your wedding, slip back into your wedding attire and hop on a jet ski together. At least that's what Tyler & Kimberly did. There is something so magical about waking up that first morning with your forever partner ... and having those feelings, those moments documented to relive year after year is absolutely priceless. The grounds[...]

Seaside Carousel Wedding Celebration in Hull, MA

Ever have that feeling like no single day could possibly contain your excitement and the electric joy in marrying your person? Or you have no idea how to fit all your loved ones scattered across the states into one single location? Well, Lauren & Jeff have the solution for you. Just have multiple celebrations across the country...including a seaside carousel wedding! Feel this moment a little bit more & press play. "El[...]