“Into the Woods” Winter Styled Elopement at The Sunset Hill House in Sugar Hill, NH

Sometimes things fall apart so they can fall back together in a better way than you could have ever imagined. As a lover of winter in New Hampshire, I had this vision of taking outdoor elopements in winter to the next level - to give those couples who choose to start their marriage with an adventure just the two of them something extra that made their day even more special. I decided to bring this vision to life at one of my recent LOFT Workshops and when our initial location fell through less than a mon[...]

White Mountains Elopement in Jackson, NH

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I've always rooted for the underdog, for the one who has mountains of things against them, and yet they prevail. I get soppy over stories of wonderful people who have been through the toughest and hardest of times and persevere through it all to the most beautiful and breathtaking of moments. So when Melanie and Shaun told me that their story had to be told to the tune of "Bless the Broken Road", I was already in tears before our connection grew to what it is today. So, join me on something new here and press play below as[...]

Outdoor Rainy Day Elopement in Marlborough, NH

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Since we've been having all this rain lately, I thought I'd tell you all about the day I photographed a unicorn's wedding outside in the rain. Yes, you read that correctly - you're about to see a unicorn get married in the rain. Elizabeth reached out to me in September telling me this wonderful tale about how she and Clayton were planning to elope in just over a month in the woods. The email was basically asking me to pick a date for photos and they'd either get married that day based on my availability or we would do a port[...]