Magical Riverside Cliff Jump Elopement in the White Mountains, NH

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In a year where weddings were few and far between, this was one of the most intentional, genuine, magical and beautiful celebrations I’ve ever experienced. Peter & Emma reached out just 25 days before their wedding day, and when I heard their plans to exchange vows in Albany, New Hampshire overlooking the Swift River before jumping off Little Eddy and swimming in celebration with their closest friends or family, I was beyond all in.

Press play to add some atmosphere to your experience. “All My Life” by Honors.

This couple, this day, their connection – pure wizardry, my friends.

We walked down a pathway through the woods to the waters edge where locals were enjoying the swimming hole and the few loved ones in attendance gathered around the determined ceremony spot. Emma walked through the woods to meet Peter by the water and the grins on both of their faces might as well have been visible from space. After the sweetest ceremony with some of the most soul-knowing glances exchanged between the two of them and a little bit of riverside celebrations with their people, we walked back through the woods and up river to climb up the cliff to quite literally jump into their new life as husband & wife.

When I say I love my job and do whatever it takes to document your love story
in the truest, most authentic way possible, I’m not messing around.

I was in the water up to my chest taking the majority of these photos from the jump off Little Eddy to the end. The connection these two share and their joy for the experiences of life more than the things of life absolutely captivated me. I couldn’t stop watching how they spoke to each other, laughed with each other, cared for each other and the change in their faces when they looked at each other.

Love isn’t just a feeling
it’s a connection, a commitment to walk through it all and do it all

Emma & Peter – thank you for bringing me along on the start of this new adventure as forever partners. The pairing of your souls clearly must have been written in the stars because you are the other half of each other’s luminous existence. Cheers to many other fearless adventures hand in hand, dear ones!