Retro Diner Engagement Session in Massachusetts

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My love for vintage vibes is no secret to those who spend just a little time around me – from antique furniture all over my home to my rather large collection of 50s tunes to my obsession with classic cars, I’m a fan. So when Matt & Erin told me they wanted to do their engagement session in the classic theater Matt proposed in and a retro diner just a few minutes away, I was absolutely all in.

We started at the Lexington Venue, a classic independent theater in Lexington, Massachusetts where Matt actually proposed to Erin. Get this – Matt made a little slide show complete with photoshopped pictures of him and Erin into themes that were so true to their story and popped the question at the end. <3 For their engagement session, they showed up dressed to the nines for the vibe they were going for and I absolutely fell in love with their jokes, laughs, interactions and the joy they brought out in one another.

After spending some time at the theater, we drove to Kelly’s Diner – a retro diner in Somerville, Massachusetts – for even more amazingness. Have I mentioned how much I love vintage atmospheres?? Kelly’s Diner is decked out in all things a classic diner should have, and Matt & Erin fit RIGHT in! Gosh, I couldn’t have asked for a better couple for this type of engagement session!

If you’ve got any ideas in your head about doing a themed engagement session (or wedding)DO IT. Don’t hesitate one bit! I’m happy to help make your dreams come true – because this is what happens when we make visions reality!