White Mountains Elopement in Jackson, NH

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I’ve always rooted for the underdog, for the one who has mountains of things against them, and yet they prevail. I get soppy over stories of wonderful people who have been through the toughest and hardest of times and persevere through it all to the most beautiful and breathtaking of moments. So when Melanie and Shaun told me that their story had to be told to the tune of “Bless the Broken Road”, I was already in tears before our connection grew to what it is today. So, join me on something new here and press play below as you keep reading and viewing the images of their love story.

These two lovebirds were sent my way by one of my past brides from about 5 years ago (hey, Kristyn!!) and I had no idea when we met up in my favorite tea shop to discuss their plans just how much I would grow to adore and cherish this couple. Our talks that day have become the start of a friendship that was so unexpected and so needed at the same time. And receiving my favorite licorice as a thank you after their wedding day wasn’t a bad touch to how great they are either. 😛

Melanie & Shaun spent a week up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with their lovely pup, Tyson, and had their beautifully intimate elopement ceremony at the Snowflake Inn in Jackson, New Hampshire (seriously, these people should be your elopement people – they were incredible for this couple!). The choice for a ceremony with just the two of them and their dog was a difficult one, but also so right – they wanted to be fully present with each other, fully enveloped in the moment rather than swept up in all the planning and details that can come with a full-blown wedding. And it was absolutely perfect for them.

After their sweet ceremony, we roamed through the cute town center of Jackson, including a stop at the covered bridge and the old library, before moving to my favorite space – Jackson Falls – as the sun was setting over the mountains. Amidst dancing with each other among the rushing water and climbing through the rocks, Melanie & Shaun also chose to honor their previous dog who passed away by spreading his ashes over the falls. <3 It was such a peaceful, meaningful moment that I will never forget.

So this one is for the dog lovers, the broken-road travelers, the soul mate searchers – no matter what has passed or is yet to come, live in the moment, be where you are and love with every fiber of your soul. <3 <3


Venue: The Snowflake Inn and Jackson Falls // Hair and Makeup Artist: Debony Salon // Photographer: Hilary Colleen Photography

Music used in this post is “Bless the Broken Road” as covered by Endless Summer.

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