Day After Jet Ski Session at Camp Cody in Freedom, NH

When you love lake life in New Hampshire, you get married at a place like Camp Cody in Freedom, New Hampshire. But when you really love lake life, you wake up early the morning after your wedding, slip back into your wedding attire and hop on a jet ski together. At least that’s what Tyler & Kimberly did.

There is something so magical about waking up that first morning with your forever partner

… and having those feelings, those moments documented to relive year after year is absolutely priceless.

The grounds were still quiet and most of the guests were still sleeping when we walked down to the edge of Ossipee Lake where yesterday’s ceremony and late night bonfire had taken place. There will be no tales told here: Tyler and Kimberly were definitely still waking up, but that first step into the morning water definitely helped. During these first few moments, the lake was completely undisturbed – we were the only people in and on the water so early in the morning and it was so peaceful and special.

Life on the water is a huge part of Tyler & Kimberly’s story, so walking over to the docks for them to get on their jet ski was like watching them in their element. They were whipping all over the lake and laughing their faces off nearly as soon as they hit the water with the mountain views in the background as the fog finished lifting. To end the morning before breakfast with their friends and family, they enjoyed a celebratory jump off the dock.

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