Scottish Highlands Inspired Wedding at Wildcat Mountain in Gorham, NH

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One of the biggest things I keep at the center of my business is heart. I strive to ensure that not only do my couples feel comfortable in front of my camera, but that they are having a good time full of laughter. When I met up with Jason & Marcy May to discuss their wedding plans, not only did we connect instantly, but I was pretty sure that they and their wedding must be some sort of dream I had conjured right in front of my eyes. This adoring, fun-loving, outdoorsy, adventurey couple planned the perfect Scottish Highlands inspired wedding atop Wildcat Mountain in Gorham, New Hampshire! I loved every minute of chatting & prepping for their wedding just as much as I enjoyed being with them on their big day and seeing everything come together.

Can you handle this view? Wildcat Mountain is a sweet little ski area in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. While the ceremony was to be head at the landing area after the gondola ride, Jason & Marcy May decided to have their First Look at the actual summit, which was an additional steep hike up about 5-10 minutes (depending on what you were wearing – props to Marcy May for hiking in her wedding dress!).

They were so cute and giggly – Jason was taken aback at how gorgeous his lovely lady looked and Marcy May was all smiles looking at her man!

The sash Marcy May wore around her dress was a surprise for Jason, and was his family’s tartan. So adorable!!

I just love these two so much… Our time atop the summit deck was joyous and heartwarming – the perfect way to get out some of the jitters before their ceremony.

The hike back down together provided some gorgeous lighting through the sparse trees, so of course we stopped here and there.

As we were descending, some of the family members had arrived to the summit and Jason & Marcy May were so excited to see everyone. LOVE their reactions here as we made our way down!

The day was perfect. The clouds were in the spots we wanted them and gone from the spots we didn’t. It was temperature was enough to keep everyone warm but not too warm and the breeze was so gentle in all the right ways. And, I mean, you can’t get enough of those mountains…

How fantastic are these two families?! Absolutely loved working with each person in the family portraits – their happiness for their children was so apparent on their faces and interactions with one another.

Yep. This is real. There was a bag piper just off the gondola as guests started to arrive. This guy rode up with us in the gondola and had started playing shortly after we wrapped up family photos.

I love parasols… And Marcy May. And Jason. And mountains. And those orange shoes. <3

As the final guests started to arrive, we went around the corner from the ceremony site to this little path in the woods for some quick bridal party photos. There was just a Maid of Honor and Best Man, and the care these two took after Jason and Marcy May on their wedding day was stunning. This bride & groom are so deeply loved!

If I could have stayed in these trees atop this mountain with this couple for hours, I would have. Just moments before the ceremony began, we took some breathtaking photos while hearing the bag pipes ring and the guests laugh and converse with anticipation… and it was so peaceful in those trees! I seriously can’t describe these last few moments before the professional, but seriously…

The ceremony site was a simple clearing overlooking the mountains with guests seated in folding chairs in the sunlight. There’s no real need for decorations when nature provides you with such a beautiful venue.

See what I mean?

In honor of their Scottish Highlands theme and heritage, Jason & Marcy May built a cairn from stones they had collected atop the mountain and would then place the cairn in their home. Loved it!

After the ceremony, Jason, Marcy May, the Maid of Honor, Best Man and I headed down in the gondola straight away for some more photos as the guests headed down into the reception hall.

The bridal party and I headed up a separate chairlift to this beautiful mountainside field of tall grass and wildflowers. Yeah. I loved everything about this day…

Could they get any more perfect with their little “thank you” sign? Stahp it.

I told you they are adventurous and fun-loving, right? Well, how about this for a reception entrance: Jason & Marcy May (as well as their bridal attendants) zip lined down for their reception right above their guests (shorts were involved, don’t worry 😉 ). SO AWESOME! Huge shout out to my amazingly talented second shooter, Sarah, for being there to capture these moments and so many more that I could not clone myself for!

Let’s take a look at some of the GORGEOUS details at this wedding… That bouquet and the boutonniere though? Such perfect adventurous wedding style…

The reception was held in the upper room in the Wildcat Mountain Ski Lodge – the perfect place for such an intimate celebration! The tables were quite possibly my favorite ever! Each table was named after a mountain, each centerpiece was scattered with stones, pine cones, moss, succulents, ferns & wildflowers in vases atop a birch slab, and each guest was given a personal-sized jug of real New Hampshire maple syrup and a bag of Maine balsam.

Marcy painted this a-flipping-dorable mural of her and Jason on a hike with their sweet little cat. I mean, c’mon. CUTE.

Each guest found their table by finding their name on the adorable “NH mountain signs” that Marcy May made. Oh, and their save the date and invitation? Marcy made those, too. So crafty!

Guests were asked to sign a large photo of the outline of the state of NH in marbleized teal with the bride & groom’s names and wedding date to be hung on the wall in their home.

Everyone was all smiles as the bride & groom entered the reception hall at last and entered into the sweetest first dance, followed by just as equally sweet parent dances.

Speeches that make you laugh, cry & make ridiculous faces at one another are always the best. 🙂

If you’re looking for something different, Fall-like and tasty for your wedding dessert, why not opt for a pie bar?! Who doesn’t love pie?!

Jason & Marcy May are both atheists and had discovered a shoe company based in Germany called Atheist Shoes. These incredibly handcrafted shoes (available in several styles and colors) have etched into the soles “Ich bin atheist” (“I’m an atheist”), in reverse so that when walking, the footprints left behind will leave these imprints, easily legible by passersby. So, taking a few moments to head outside for a breath of fresh air and a quiet moment together, showing off their atheist shoes was pretty special.

Can we just talk about how much of a riot these two, their family and friends are?! Can you even handle Marcy May’s facial expressions?! So much fun!!!

Jason & Marcy May (aka Marcy Five Names), Sarah and I are both so glad that we met you both and had the honor & pleasure of photographing your wedding day celebration in all its glory! You two are honestly some of the kindest, most loving and authentic people I have ever had the privilege to meet and I know that nothing but adventure lies ahead for you both together!! WE LOVE YOU, LEBLANCS!!!

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