Seaside Carousel Wedding Celebration in Hull, MA

Ever have that feeling like no single day could possibly contain your excitement and the electric joy in marrying your person? Or you have no idea how to fit all your loved ones scattered across the states into one single location? Well, Lauren & Jeff have the solution for you.

Just have multiple celebrations across the country…
including a seaside carousel wedding!

Feel this moment a little bit more & press play. “Electric Love” by BØRNS.

While their ceremony was several months earlier, Lauren & Jeff returned to Lauren’s hometown in Hull, Massachusetts for one of their many reception celebrations at the Hull Yacht Club. They got ready in Lauren’s family’s home and spent some time celebrating with their favorite pups before we headed off to some pretty special portrait locations. Lauren knew this area like nobody else and had some pretty epic spots picked out.

Their shared love for the ocean was very clear – showcased by the fact that they matched Jeff’s socks with Lauren’s amazing ocean wave platform heels from Doll’s Kill. It had rained earlier and there was a bit of fog lingering, but we squished through the tiniest alleyway in a neighbor’s yard (photo included below with Lauren in all her fluffiness making it through) and spent time at the seawall with the hazy view of Boston off in the distance. We then drove over to an abandoned fort overlooking the harbor and, since Jeff is a pretty huge gearhead, we also had to snag some photos with the car. 😉

Then we went to a location that dreams are made of

…or at least my all-things-magical-and-colorful dreams.

The Paragon Carousel on Nantasket Beach right in Hull. Being the genius that she is, Lauren had rented out the entire carousel for photos – and I wish I could spend a day shooting in this space.The lights, the colors, the whimsical environment and a couple absolutely bursting with joy… Even though they had already been married for months and had already had other celebrations throughout the year, Jeff & Lauren still looked at each other like this was their first wedding day. Hold on to that with everything you’ve got, lovelies!

Celebration time at the yacht club was a blast – and their families were absolutely hilarious (see: mustache glasses). The rest of the evening was spent catching up with and connecting family members, laughing hysterically with dear friends and dancing long past when the shoes came off and the jackets were long tossed aside. That’s one heck of a celebration, y’all.


Reception: Hull Yacht Club // Hair Stylist: Salon Nouveau // Makeup Artist: Salon Radiance // Bride’s Shoes: Doll’s Kill // Rings: Mineralogy Design and Wood Wedding Bands // DJ Services: Event Experience // Carousel: Paragon Carousel // Catering: Catering by Michael Aprea // Photography: Hilary Colleen Photography

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