Sunset Engagement Session at Duxbury Beach, MA

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One of the best parts about engagement sessions for me is pulling up to the location with some idea in my mind about what the couple might be wearing (usually solely based on the little bit that I’ve gotten to know about them already and rarely based on a Pinterest board shared with their outfits of choice) – and being completely wrong almost every single time. 😛

Amanda and Chris met me at the beautiful – and almost completely empty! – Duxbury Beach in Duxbury, Massachusetts in outfits they had just purchased earlier that day from the store to add a bit of a dreamy, classic style to the beginning of their engagement session. Amanda had a vision for this day, and it started with her on a beach in a flowy dress with the wind flowing through her hair, her man grinning ear to ear by her side. And boy, did that man grin!

After changing into some more comfortable, everyday outfits, we did some more exploring along the beach – where I learned that Chris grew up in the area and how the two of them had been together for nearly 8 years already and couldn’t be more in love than they were with each passing moment.

It’s this patient, growing and enduring kind of love that sets me on fire.

I knew from the moment I saw that red dress and those grins round the corner in the parking lot through the Patriots jersey sunset shenanigans that this love story was going to be one of my favorites, and I can’t WAIT to share with you about the awesomeness wedding day soon!

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