Outdoor Rainy Day Elopement in Marlborough, NH

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Since we’ve been having all this rain lately, I thought I’d tell you all about the day I photographed a unicorn’s wedding outside in the rain.

Yes, you read that correctly – you’re about to see a unicorn get married in the rain.

Elizabeth reached out to me in September telling me this wonderful tale about how she and Clayton were planning to elope in just over a month in the woods. The email was basically asking me to pick a date for photos and they’d either get married that day based on my availability or we would do a portrait session separate from their elopement that day. How awesome does this girl sound already?! After multiple emails getting to know each other and realizing we were practically soulmates and stalking each other on Instagram, the plan evolved to a date I was available on Clayton’s family’s property in Marlborough, NH, a place that was special to them but also happened to be just 15 minutes from my house. Very few locations are this close to me out here in the country – so if I wasn’t excited for their wedding already, this put things over the top.

I showed up in the chilly rain of late October with multiple layers ready to a random, muddy driveway with orange traffic cones next to it, but the car I was looking for was there waiting for me. Clayton got out of the car to greet me and then I followed their vehicle down the muddy driveway (that was more of a path for cars) through the woods. It suddenly opened up to this beautiful space with an old quarry and a little pond, surrounded by woods, rocky ledges and all kinds of pretty wilderness.

And that’s when the unicorn stepped out of the car.

Elizabeth has Raynaud’s Disease which causes poor circulation and leaves her feeling quite cold on a regular basis – not that she lets it limit her in any way. I mean, we were about to celebrate her wedding outside in the woods in the rain in late October! To combat the cold and stay as warm as possible before changing into her wedding dress, Elizabeth had decided to wear one of her favorite onesies (the unicorn) and let me tell you, that’s the best first impression I’ve ever gotten of a bride in person to date!

The two got changed into their wedding attire in their vehicle and under a little pop-up square tent they brought to put some of their little wedding day details under for when their few guests arrived. We walked around in the woods together, taking some of the sweetest, cuddliest photos in the cold, wet and enchanting woods surrounding the quarry and it was amazing! Clayton’s sister had made some little woodland animal gloves that Elizabeth would put on from tie to time to keep her hands warm and they were seriously perfection on top of perfection.

With just a handful of their loved ones, Clayton & Elizabeth said “I Do” with an umbrella being held high above them and their officiant as they officially became one. There was an informal toasting celebration after the ceremony followed by some more photos before everyone hopped into their warm cars to head out for a more relaxed celebration as a family.

This celebration, these people, these moments – this is why I do what I do.

This is why I love my job and why I love my couples. My couples become my friends – people I want to spend time with long after their wedding day has passed. Their wedding day memories become my memories – special moments, jokes, laughs and touching speeches that I remember years down the road. I cherish the amazing people I get to meet and spend time with doing this lovely job of mine and I feel so honored to tell stories just like this one.

Clayton & Elizabeth – Thank you both so much for an amazing day and for being such absolutely amazing human beings (or unicorns…). You are such special souls and it’s so clear how enamored with one another you are – how much you care for and adore each other. Thank you for welcoming me in so readily and for being such creative, compassionate nerds. 🙂 You’re wonderful and I can’t wait to see where all your adventures take you!