2017 Save the Date & Thank You Card Designs

The grass is getting so green, the blossoms are starting to come through on the trees and I’ve got my first engagement session of the season coming up on Sunday, so naturally I’m thinking about all my beautiful new stationary designs! I’ve LOVED the designs I added last year and decided to add a few more for this year that I just can’t wait for you to see!

Save the Date Designs

First things first, while I love my Foil Pressed cards (which we’ll get to in a minute), I had many requests for some more non-foil options, so! I’ve added FIVE new Flat Save the Date Cards along with the other two designs I kept from last season. These are all GORGEOUS and I cannot wait to see what they look like with your photos on them!

And now for my babies. <3 These are the Save the Date Cards you’ve been dreaming of! I fell in love with my Foil-Pressed Card designs the moment they first became available to me, and now I’ve added a couple more to the mix of Foil Pressed Cards to what I had last year. Each of these designs has elements that will be created in your choice of foil colors and I’ll help you pick out a foil color that will go best with the photos you choose. Seriously – these are drop dead amazing, right?!