Vibrant Traditional Thai Wedding at Hidden Hills in Rindge, NH

I love love. I know I say that a lot (on my website, in my branding, in everyday life…) but I truly love seeing love in all its forms. And I really love seeing people in love embrace everything about their partner and celebrate the things that they hold most dear together. Maneeya & Isaac had a beautiful traditional Thai ceremony at Hidden Hills in Rindge, New Hampshire in late summer and y’all, I had never photographed a ceremony like this and it was one of the most beautiful things… It didn’t hurt that, as Maneeya’s mother pointed out multiple times when looking at her gorgeous daughter, Maneeya looked like Miss Thailand and every time Isaac looked at her you could just see how completely enamored with her he was. These two were so much in love that it changed the air.

Press play to add some extra vibes to this love story. “Someone to You” by BANNERS.

Cultural, religious and familial traditions of all types absolutely fascinate me.

Whenever we encounter a tradition that we are not as familiar with, we can overlook moments, statements or gestures that seem “unimportant”, but when someone takes the time to fully explain to you the meaning of that moment, statement or gesture it completely transforms how you view what is happening.

For example, among many of the traditions in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony, the bride and groom kneel next to each other and then they press their own hands together in a praying position out in front of them. Beginning with their immediate family, guests are welcomed up to the altar to take a cup of water and pour it over each of their hands, letting water spill down onto flower arrangements below.

This is to signify each guest blessing the marriage, sowing into it and supporting it so that it can grow and create a life-giving journey together.

Just take that in for a second – How beautiful is that?! I’m telling you, when you know the reasons behind traditions and beliefs of different cultures, faiths and families, it really transforms the impact the moment has on you. Watching Maneeya and Isaac exchange their vows and the way they laughed, smiled and giggled (and shed a tear or two) throughout the ceremony was so heartwarming. And when Maneeya and Isaac changed out of their traditional Thai attire into their tux & white wedding dress for the reception, they both were smiling even bigger when they first saw each other.

The reception was a party, my friends! I’m pretty sure you could hear the celebration from even a few miles away and everyone was dancing, laughing, enjoying the star-lit sky and Maneeya’s father even played some music for them – something he might have been almost excited about as he was to walk his daughter down the aisle earlier that day.

Maneeya & Isaac – congratulations, darlings, and thank you for being so open, loving, caring and incredible! Watching your love and the support you have from your friends and family was absolutely breathtaking and the entire time I was writing this post, my heart was right back on that August day – and I was smiling ear to ear, too. 🙂


Ceremony & Reception: Hidden Hills // Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal // Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire: Michael Kors // Hair & Makeup Artist: Vicky Smith Artistry // Florist: Dee Pelkey // Rings: Vera Wang, Modern Bride // Invitations: Magnet Street, Shutterfly // DJ Services: ECF Entertainment // Cake Designer: Lisa Perrault // Photography: Hilary Colleen Photography

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